Đà Nẵng and Hội An Travel Guide and Travel Tips that you must know before you go. This Vietnam Travel Guide is a part of Paolo’s Vietnam series. Paolo starts with things you need to know before you go to Đà Nẵng as well as things you need to know before you go to Hội An Vietnam.

Đà Nẵng Beach and the resorts are popular destinations and he will help you navigate through the city and give you his favorite tips and tricks. The Đà Nẵng travel tips are based on what Paolo wish to know before coming to Đà Nẵng as well as Hội An.

There are many things to do in Da Nang but Paolo wanted to focus on the differences of each area, what each specific area offers and general things you must know when coming to danang for the first time. In fact, Da nang is the fifth largest city in Vietnam and located central part of the country. Da Nang is locate don the cost of the South China Sea and is one of the most important ports in Vietnam.

Discover the beach hotel resort Hidden Getaway – Angsana Lang Co.

A Vietnam Beach Resort hidden getaway called Angsana Lang co is a must-stay if you are visiting Da Nang of central vietnam. One of Paolo’s favorites and nicest hotel beach resorts he’s ever stayed at. He even enjoyed being shuttled throughout the resort on buggy’s. The Vietnamese food and restaurants were amazing at the resort.

The room itself was luxurious and He loved the private pool. This is video is Paolo’s experience staying at the Đà Nẵng beach resort. Definitely worth a visit if you are traveling to central Vietnam. Also, worth noting for avid golfers is that there is the Laguna golf course neighboring the beach resort.

And explore Vietnamese street foods you must try.

On the other side, Vietnamese Food is amazing and Paolo wanted to share his Top Vietnam Food that you must-try in the video bellow. Definitely, watch before you go, especially if you are interesting in eating Vietnamese Street Food in Da Nang Vietnam. The Street Food in Vietnam rivals some of the best Street Food in the World and is unique in it’s own right. Paolo shared some of his favorite Street Food in Vietnam like Vietnamese pho, Vietnamese Banh Mi, Vietnamese Banh Beo and Vietnamese Banh Xeo.

The video takes places in the city of Da Nang in Vietnam but most of these foods can be found all throughout Vietnam. This Food Tour in Vietnam should provide a great Vietnamese Food Guide for first time travelers to the country. Some of these food are exotic vietnamese food. This video is part of Paolo’s Vietnam Series so if you like this video, please check out his other Vietnam videos, especially if you will be in the Da Nang area as this is also a Food Tour in Da Nang.

There are more seafood restaurants options by the Da Nang beach area, like the ones where you get to pick out the live seafood from tanks or buckets and then staff will weigh it out in front of you. Paolo personally enjoy this process and He think it’s more reasonably priced. So if you’re like him, this beachside may be your best choice. This Da Nang Vietnam Guide is the Paolo’s Vietnam video series. He will be covering Đà Nẵng Vietnamese Street Food, Luxury Hotel and Beach Resorts, Vietnamese Airlines and much more…


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