Da Lat is one of the most romantic cities in Vietnam. With a cool atmosphere in all years and lots of trees, Da Lat has always been chosen by Vietnamese as a favorite tourist destination.

We are invite you to follow Quang Vinh’s trip in Da Lat, at Ana Mandara resort, one of the very beautiful resorts in Dalat.

Đà Lạt is the capital of Lâm Đồng Province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Đà Lạt is centered around a lake and surrounded by hills, pine forests, lakes and waterfalls. The atmosphere in Đà Lạt is regularly called ‘Unceasing Spring’ for its charmingly warm temperatures amid the day and very cool around evening time, down to maybe 10oC. Đà Lạt is also known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its distinctive temperate climate.

Below is the full script of Quang Vinh’s itinerary in Da Lat:

Hello everyone!
I’m so glad that my dear friend Thien Thanh will join me in this video and together, we will give you tour around Ana Mandara resort in Đà Lạt.
Thien Thanh: Hi guys!
Thien Thanh: It’s been a while since the last time I had a trip with Vinh.
Thien Thanh: Last time, we went to a beach – Phú Quốc, so this time we’ll make it different by going up to a highland
Thien Thanh: I’ve been to Dalat countless times, but I used to stay in hotel or home-stay, I’ve never stayed in any resort here and I couldn’t imagine that there is a resort right in the center of Dalat city.
Now, we’ll go inside and let you have a closer look at the features and services of this resort
After you!
After looking around, I can spot many photogenic scenes already. Personally, I’m a huge fan of French architecture.
We’re going to visit a typical villa in this area, which belongs to an archaeologist.
OMG, it’s so beautiful!
Look at this stunning view, so beautiful!
From here, we can have a view of Dalat city
– Are we on a hill?
– Yes, this villa is located on a hill and it is the highest villa we have
I don’t know about you but I like it already
[Staff] It’s like we’re in Europe.
I feel relaxed as soon as we walk in here. To be honest, it feels strange every time I come to Dalat
Everyone knows that I love beaches But when it comes to Dalat, I have a feeling that I’ll definitely get to enjoy the cool and fresh atmosphere
Same here!
In my previous trips to Dalat, I barely went too far away from the city, I spent 5 days only going around the city without getting bored.
It’s like we’re attracted to Dalat’s charming and poetic scene So we just finished the “French village” tour.
We got to visit the old French villas which are now restored into modern resort And I think we can take a lot of photos during this tour.
That’s exactly what I thought, every corner in this area is really beautiful:
– Like that wall behind our cameraman, it’s a yellow wall with violet flowers
– Yellow and violet, such a brilliant combination!
How can we not take a photo with a poetic scene like this?
After being given a tour about the old French villas’ history and the story of Ana Mandara. Now, we have a happy ending with this tea party, according to the staff, this is a new service.
I think we can have all of them, these tiny guys won’t be a problem for our dinner.
– Isn’t this cool?!
– So romantic!
Tonight, we’ll have a new experience of dinner in the wine cellar.
– I love how they decorate this place
– So do I
Look how they prepare the table with candles and flowers, so romantic!
This wine cellar is like a private space for couples, it’s really dreamy and romantic So we’ll play along and act as a couple for the best experience For your dinner, we’ll serve this Chile’s Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is the best selection for romantic dinner like this due to its tender and sweet flavor Our dinner menu is pretty appetizing.
We’ll have 4 types of salad, soup, main course and finish with desserts. For the main course, we can choose between fish and beef, what would you like?
– I’ll go with beef.
– Then I’ll have fish, then we can switch to try each other’s dish.
They also have my favorite, lava cake and a little note, you don’t need to stay at Ana Mandara to come to this restaurant, they also serve regular diners and along with the set menu, you can choose the A La Cater Dinner Menu as well.
I think it’d be a good choice for all of you.
So remember to come here when you’re in Dalat.
And besides of Western cuisine, they also serve Asian dishes so you can have any dish you like. Red wine is definitely the best choice for a scene like this. Thank you, I really like it!
I’ve always wanted to invite you to join my trip, but another main reason is popular demand.
– Our last trip received many praised from the viewers, they said you’re cute and I should have you in more videos
– You’re making me blush!
Thank you, Vinh, for having me! And thank you, the viewers, for your praises!
I really love traveling with Vinh, firstly, the trips are interesting and I can try tasty dishes.
Secondly, we’d like to show you the beautiful places of Vietnam which can be new to some of you. From that, we hope you will come and experience the beauty of Vietnam as we did.
And if you want me to be in more videos, please let me know in the comment and visit her facebook page, too.
While we’re chatting, the second dish is served.
This dish is beautifully decorated!
I really love artichoke, it’s one of Dalat’s specialities.
I’ll use bare hand with this artichoke.
– I’ll dip it into this sauce, have you tried this sauce?
– I am now.
– So good! It’s sour and sweet, right?
– Yes, sweet, sour, and a little cheesy.
Along with artichoke, there are also avocado, tomato, cauliflower, and some fried shrimps.
This dish is new to me, I’ve never had an artichoke salad with seafood like this. Its flavor is really… different, it has the veggies’ fresh taste… the artichoke is soft, and the shrimps are crispy
– and the butter is also tasty.
– I think this is a smart combination.
– And the sauce is also really good.
– I think we can pour the sauce on the salad as well.
– I really really love this dish!
Though vegetable is good for our health, it’s tasteless to eat them alone, But serving them with quail eggs and fried shrimps like this make the dish tastier.
Hey, look what I found: a strawberry.
So in this salad we have seafood, veggies, fruit, eggs, and butter, We can have all the vitamins and protein just in one dish.
I’m so in love with this salad, All the nutrients I need are in this dish.
Let me try some shrimp and avocado.
– The sauce is really tasty, too!
– Yes, it elevates the dish’s flavor.
Our next dish is pumpkin soup.
I’ll let you know how it tastes after I try it.
– I can taste the flavor of ginger.
– Ginger?
– I wonder why they have ginger in this soup.
– That’s weird, I’ve tried this soup in many restaurant but none of them have ginger in it
But I think it’s a popular spice in Dalat, we can even find ginger in tea and now pumpkin soup, may be it’s because of the cold weather.
Sounds legit, but it still tastes weird to me.
But it’s good to try something new.
Let’s act like decent people, have our own dish.
– But we agreed to share a little of our dish to the other.
– Right!
– Honestly, I can’t stop looking at your dish of beef.
– And my eyes are focused on your fish, too.
So let share our dishes so we can taste them both.
As a Vietnamese, I still prefer Asian dishes. I find Western cuisine is tasty and enjoyable, but deep down, I still love our Vietnamese ways of seasoning.

I think the Western dishes here are seasoned in a Vietnamese way to match the diners’ flavor. Take my dish for example, the fish fillet can be found in any Western restaurant, but the sauce goes with it is seasoned in a local way and how about your dish?
I totally agree with you, the sauce of my beef is really well-seasoned.
I mean it is seasoned in a way that would match the local diners’ flavor.
And what I love the most about my dish is there are plenty of fruits in it.
Like the mulberry I have here.
It’s tasty!.
It prevents us from getting satiated.
And there are these little carrots.
Look how cute they are!
This is a wonderful dinner!
Not only the food is good, we are also well taken care of, the scene is romantic with music. It really looks like a date.
Yes, it’s romantic and dreamy!
One more thing, I think you’re wondering about the price for a romantic dinner like this. It’s surprisingly reasonable, a dinner like this with 4 dishes from starter to desert has the price of only 650.000 VND.
– And in a romantic view like this, I think that price is acceptable.
– That’s right, it’s a reasonable price without any extra fee, the wine is included as well.
And in case you want a lower price, there’s a a la cater Menu for you to choose a suitable price.
You can choose to to lower the price or add some more dishes.
– The 650.000 VND set menu is reasonable in my opinion.
– Agree!
We hope you’ll have a romantic dinner here!
Good morning guys!
Yesterday, we had such wonderful time and showed you the villas in Ana Mandara resort and a dreamy dinner.
Now, we’re going to have breakfast and show you more interesting activities.
Let’s join us for breakfast!
Our purpose is to show you all the activities and services in this resort so that you can fully enjoy your stay here in the future.
This is the hot soup area, We have Pho, noodles, those grilled fishes look so tasty.
Hey, how about I’ll be the camerawoman.
– Let’s see what’s in that lid.
– They’re stuffed pancake.
Waffo and pancakes are here.
And we can find these guyseverywhere.
This is congee. As I know, Chinese usually have congee for breakfast.
– I think the pipkins for additional food are missing.
– There they are.
They’re tomatoes and fries.
– Most girls like to eat vegetable, how about you?
– I like to eat everything.
– Got it!
– Are those Bánh bột lọc (tapioca dumplings)?
– Yes they are.
Looks like we have plenty of dishes to choose.
– There are sticky rice too, I really love it.
– The colors are amazing!
– The colors are made from magenta and pandanus plants.
– I’ll have a closer look.
– And what’s the next dish?
– It is…
– Seems like ragout with tart.
– I think it’s curry.
And over here, we have… teas and milk. These plates are tomatoes, ham, and pate, I really love this type of pate.
There are also veggies and sauces to make salad.
These are some good cheese.
She looks so happy looking at those dishes.
Finally, who do you choose to eat?
I’ll have a lot of dishes, and bread is definitely on the list.
It’s only in the morning but we’re chilling.
Normally, this kind of view can only be seen on beaches, I’ve never thought I could find a resort with pool like this in Dalat.
This morning, he asked me “Thanh, do you bring any bikini?”.
and I was like “What? I’ve never thought of going to swim in Dalat”.
FYI, this is a hot pool, its temperature is kept at around 28 to 30°C, so that you can enjoy swimming here.
Okay, the camera is on, we can now live-stream and torture those hungry stomachs.
Last night, we enjoyed our Western dishes, and today, we’ll introduce one of Ana Madara’s signature dishes: sturgeon hotpot. Along with the hotpot, there are grilled and fried sturgeon as well
It’s like a sturgeon party.
Remember to try these sturgeon dishes when you come to Ana Madara, they are the most special dishes here.
– This also a specialty: a coconut, it’s not really special but it’s cute.
– Perhaps they made it for you.
I think it’s really interesting that each resort has their own recipe to impress the guests.
Sometimes, we have to come to a resort just for a significant dish since it couldn’t be found elsewhere.
The most impressing elements of a resort are: stunning view, relaxing atmosphere and the food also plays an important part.
I couldn’t agree more, it can be the most important element.
Sturgeon is, in fact, hard to find As far as I know, they can only be found in cold regions And the sturgeons we have here are the freshest ones since they are bred right in Dalat, in a funny way, they are caught while swimming.
That sounds cruel!
So delicious!
Vegetables in Dalat are so good, they are fresh and crunchy.
I also love the fruits here.
– I prefer the grilled sturgeon to fried, it’s tastier.
– Me too!
– It’s grilled with chili and lemon-grass.
– This one, right?
– That’s the fried, the grilled is over there, try it and you’ll see.
I asked my friends and they all agree that sturgeon is like snakehead, it’s an easy way for you to imagine, but of course, the taste is different, it’s crunchier Serving with the grilled sturgeon are avocado and some fruit, this one is really delicious.
– That’s a plum.
– This is a slide of mango and some sauce.
– I really love the fruits.
In this pot I can see some tomatoes, mushrooms, veggies, and onions.
I’ll put a slide of fish in this pot.
She’s still focusing on her dish.
The fish is so fresh.
I really love when the pot boils like this. This is the fish fillet, it’ll go inot the pot
-Are those 2 black things pepper?
– They are.
I’ll just put all of them into the pot.
– Let me help you prepare for our main dish.
– Thank you!
– Just by the look, I think this will be sour.
– So do I.
– This hotpot is quite too big for the two of us.
– It’s true.
– But I’m sure we can finish it.
I believe in us!
The sauces are fish sauce, soy sauce and lime for we to adjust the seasoning. It’s a little sour, not too much. It’s mainly for us to enjoy how fresh the fish is And it tastes really good, too.
Among these veggies, I love okra the most.
Normally, I’ll have some more fish sauce in my bowl.
Since I like to dip the fish into a bowl of fish sauce with some chili And I prefer to have my fish with the broth only.

I’m so full now, But we still have some sweet to finish our lunch.
I’ll give you a closer look to my dish.
– There are ice-cream, cake, and a strawberry
– So appetizing!
There are also passion fruit, and the ice-cream and cake are both matcha flavored.
I’ll try some.
Finally, our lunch is finished, it’s a really effective working day for me.
And for anyone who is concerning about the price, our lunch set costs 470.000 VND/pax.
Since the fish is really big and there are a lot of additional food in the hotpot.
– What will you do after this?
– I may walk around and take photos,there are still some spot I haven’t shot. How about you?
– I’ll go to the spa.
– Sounds good, then get some sleep since we’ll have another feast tonight.
We’ll have a BBQ dinner tonight, stay tuned!
Now, I’m going to show you my room.
There’s a huge mirror near the door for us to check our look before going out.
Here it is, room 301.
I really like this idea, closing the eyes means “do not disturb”, and opening them means we’re out so the cleaners can come in.
Are you ready?
This is Studio room, My luggages are over there.
It’s so wide.
We’ll have a garden view here, These sofas are for living room, Look how gorgeous the bed is.
So beautiful! Sleeping in this bed makes me feel like a noble class person.
There’s a fireplace here. All of these windows are wide and clear so that we can enjoy the garden view
This is the overview of my Studio room. That’s the bathroom. It’s also beautiful in here.
Look at that bathtub.
I have a tip for you, if you make a reservation directly with the resort, you can get a better price than booking through an agency, keep this in mind!
And when we make a direct reservation like that, we see how careful the staff are.

Another big mirror for self-checking. So that’s my room, I’ll show you another room later.
The next room I want to show you is this attic room.
My Studio room is 2.800.000 VND and this one is 2.400.000 VND.
One interesting feature of Ana Mandara is that each room has its own unique design.
So whenever you come back here, you’ll stay in a whole new room with a new decoration.
Over here are a working space and a nice reading couch.
This room is also really nice, I love the ceiling and the nature light.
Let’s take a look at the bathroom.
It’s also spacious.
This wooden design would look great in photos and brings a cozy feeling.
Such a nice bathtub with a garden view.
Each room has its own beauty.
So, I’ve showed you 2 types of room in this resort.
You can discover some more interesting corner during your time here.
As promised in our lunch, tonight, we’ll have a BBQ feast right inside Ana Mandara.
This is a new service of Ana Mandara. This service is suitable for groups of 2 to 12 people, so you can enjoy it as a couple. And it would even better if you’re a family or a group of friends.
Let’s see what they are serving. Everything is already prepared when we get here
There are a lot of food… ans smoke.
– Excuse me, what are you cooking?
– I’m making Bánh xèo (Vietnamese crepe)
– My favorite! Do you like it?
– Of course, yes!
In this area, we have plenty of grilled dishes like sturgeon – a speciality of Dalat, pork ribs, chicken legs, vegetables, shrimps, British sausage, beef, and cuttlefish And we also have crab soup over here.
Do we have anything to go with these grilled dishes?
Yes, we have salad to go with them.
– There is a whole table of salad over here for us to choose.
– There are salad and plenty of fruits, and some sweet soup, too.
I can see the future of us going around these tables and choosing our dishes.
But since it’s a buffet, we can eat as much as we want.
I really love the way they set up and prepared for us.
This is the star of the night, Dalat is a highland city with cold atmosphere so BBQ is the perfect choice And by using charcoal like this, the food will have an appetizing scent.
The food is really good.
Hey, we’ve been here for 2 days already, how fast! And I think we had lots of activities in 2 days.
Honestly, I travel a lot, like I have a trip every month, every time I go, there are new ideas come up and especially, resorts like this always offer new service when I come, it’s really refreshing.
This is the best trip to Dalat I ever had sofar.
You see, 2 days here and I haven’t gone anywhere outside of this resort, I had my meals and tea parties here, went to the spa or the pool.
Especially the romantic dinner in wine cellar, I freaking love it!
I’m glad that you enjoy your time here!
I think the food here is diverse and various, We had romantic Western cuisine last night, and a signature sturgeon dish, and now is BBQ.
Personally I think people like to have fresh vegetables when they come to Dalat.
All the dishes in any restaurant have a dish of fresh vegetable and fruit served with it.
Thanks for taking me here, I definitely will come back with my family or friends.
Since I want to stay in other villas, I heard that each villa and room has a unique decoration so I want to try it.
That’s right, so you’ll feel new and refresh every single time you come here.
– Do you like this villa?
– Of course, I love French architecture so I really like this resort.
Moreover, we can get to know the history of these villas that they were built in 1920s.
Since they’re so old, we can see how wonderful that they try to maintain their beauty until now And it’s such an amazing feeling to enjoy that beauty.
Another thing I love is that when we come as family or a group of friends, we can stay in 1 villa and share the rooms, which is much cozier and happier than other hotels I used to stay in
And I know that the prices and fees are the most concerned when we travel, personally, I think this resort has a reasonable prices for its services Like this dinner we’re having, it has the price of 700.000 VND/pax. But you can choose another package with a more reasonable price for you.
The price can get higher or lower depends on the food we have, I think it’s good for customers to choose the package to suit their needs.

I hope this video can help you imagine how your stay in Ana Mandara would be.
We hope your upcoming trip will be filled with joy and happiness.
See you in the next videos.

Source: Quang Vinh