At Ta Phin village, herbal medicine bathing of the Red Dao; taking photographs on Cau May spanning the Muong Hoa stream in Ta Van Commune, admiring Sapa from the top of Ham Rong mountain really bring the memorable experience in Sapa. This article will share the readers with the information about things to do in Sapa, Vietnam.

Using herbal medicine of Red Yao people for bathing

There are a range of shops in Sapa, Vietnam offering the service of herbal medicine bathing. However, quite a few tourists still decide to rent a motorbike to Ta Phin village, which is 12 kilometers from the town center to enjoy this service. The reason is that Ta Phin village is the first place providing herbal bathing created by Red Yao people.

This place has more than 10 types of leaves picked in the forest and grown in the garden. When requested by the customers, the host begins to collect leaves, boil them on a fire for an hour to before they are used for having a shower.

Herbal bathing helps to relieve the stress and moderate blood with the expense of about 120,000 VND per person. Note that you should only bath for 15 minutes to avoid getting drunk. Besides, tourists can buy dried leaves here.

Discovering ancient monastery

ancient monastery in ta phin e1482122643680 - Things to do in Sapa, Vietnam
ancient monastery in Ta Phin

On the road to Ta Phin, the ancient monastery which is sheltered from the skinny tree trunks are not well known by a large number of people. This monastery was constructed half a century ago but has not been completed and abandoned. If visiting this monastery, we can realize the serene and ancient beauty of the monastery. These photographs showing the laterite wall make many people think of the scene in the tale.

Taking photographs in Cau May

cau may sapa e1482122891990 - Things to do in Sapa, Vietnam
Cau May, Sapa

Situated in Ta Van commune, Cau May, which crosses the Muong Hoa stream was the only way leading the villagers to Sapa town in the past. The bridge is made from strings of palm trees and lies between two ancient trees but it is not as firm as before.

For those who have a fear of heights, crossing Cau May is truthfully a significant challenge. Nevertheless, almost all the tourists desire to capture the moment when they stand on this bridge, especially in the days that the dew covers the space. In addition, tourists can hire traditional costumes and take pictures beside the stream.

Climbing up Fansipan

fancipan mountain e1482123027296 - Things to do in Sapa, Vietnam
Fancipan mountain

The way to the “the roof of Indochina” no longer raises difficulties for those who do not achieve the standard health to experience dangerous adventures. Instead of conquering Fansipan by trekking, you can buy a return ticket to be carried by the cable car at a cost of 600,000 VND and each turn just takes about 20 minutes. In addition to milestone and red flag with a gold star at a height of 3,143 meters, visitors get opportunities to photograph the beautiful landscape on the cable car or in the complex of Legend Fansipan.

Enjoying the sunset from Ham Rong Mountain

ham rong mountain e1482123186392 - Things to do in Sapa, Vietnam
Ham Rong mountain

Orchid garden, ancient pale peach flowers, majestic granite mountains, the lush natural lawn and fresh air in the high mountains are all the interesting things that the tourists who love ecotourism will have an occasion to find out in an afternoon in the Ham Rong mountain. At an altitude of 1,800 meters, visitors can see the whole view of the town.  In particular, you will gain great moments when witnessing the sunset.

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