In one day, what will you do and go in Hoi An? In this article, we will suggest you things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam in one day. You can refer to Vietnam travel guide Hoi An to get more interesting knowledge for your journey.

The morning in Hoi An

The early morning when the sun comes up and the whole ancient town wakes up to prepare for a long hectic day is the moment that tourists should not miss.

It would be great to enjoy a nice morning with a bit early sun, the image of women in palm-leaf conical hats who are busy with street vendors, bikes along the streets and old houses. All of these images create an ordinary but impressive setting. Therefore, you are advised to walk down the street on 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning to breathe the fresh air.

After taking a stroll, you need to recharge to start a new day. A bread with meat, lean pork paste, pâté, leaf vegetables and gravy taken from the bakeries named Banh mi Phuong located at 2B Phan Chu Trinh Phuong or Madame Khanh at 235 Tran Cao Van Khanh will provide enough energy for your new day. These two bakeries are famous not only in Hoi An but also worldwide. The average price of each loaf of bread is 20,000 Vietnam dong.

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The morning in Hoi An

The local people are in the habit of bringing the bread to a sidewalk café near Hoai river to enjoy this dish accompanied by an aromatic cup of coffee while watching the peaceful Hoai river in the early morning.

If you desire to learn more about the life and culture of local people, it is suggested that you should pay a visit to old houses and spiritual works. Cantonese Assembly Hall of, Hokien Meeting Hall, Tan Ky ancient house, Phung Hung house, Quan Thang house, Cau pagoda, Ong pagoda, Tran Family Chapel and Museum of Sa Huynh Culture are all typical ancient constructions in Hoi An.

Lunch and afternoon in Hoi An

For lunch, you can choose chicken rice which is also one of the famous foods in Hoi An. To have a tasty meal, Ba Muoi restaurant at 22 Phan Chu Trinh is the best choice.

In summer, you can rent a bike or motorcycle to go to Cua Dai beach or An Bang beach, where you can get some fresh air under coconut trees, lie on the white sand and swim in the sea.

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An Bang beach, Hoian

It is a good idea to spend the afternoon eating street food such as thịt nướng cuốn bánh tráng (girdle cake rolled with pork), chả chiên (deep-fried chopped meat), bánh bèo (bloating fern-shaped cake), bánh da lợn (pig skin cake), chè đậu ván (bean gruel) and tào phớ (jelly bean). These foods are often sold in the major streets such as Tran Phu and Nguyen Thai Hoc. Hoi An is really a culinary paradise for those who desire for food.

The evening in Hoi An

Enjoy Cao Lau (High Floor)

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Cao Lau (High floor), Hoi An

Cao Lau (High Floor) is one of the most typical dishes in Hoi An and a good choice for dinner. The wonderful taste is formed by yellow and crunchy noodles mixed with a little broth, sauce, char siu, herbs and fried greaves with the price of 25,000 Vietnam Dong per bowl.

Take a stroll at night

After dinner, the whole ancient town is filled with lights from old houses shimmering on the surface of Hoai river, Japanese bridge and Hoai bridge with different colors.

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Hoi An in the night

Walking around the ancient town in the night and being involved in fun activities, for example, sailing small boats on the Hoai river, flying colored lanterns, play Bai Choi game at the beginning of Bach Dang Street, eating a dish in the food street located near the Japanese bridge and buying souvenirs at the night market.

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