Vietnam’s cities are treasure troves for explorers. Love eating? There’s virtually no end to the secret stalls and new variations on Vietnamese dishes you thought you knew. Enjoy a hushed walk in a hidden pagoda? You won’t believe the worlds that are tucked away right in the heart of town. Just here for a good time? Countless speakeasies and rooftop bars are waiting for you to check them out (and check in on Instagram). We could go on, but the best way to get a sense of Vietnam’s urban hubs is to see them for yourself.Start planning your future trips by looking into the interactive 360-degree tours below.

TIP: In the toolbar for each tour, you’ll find links to insider city guides, as well as videos with locals and photos from the street level. Click the info buttons inside the panoramas for more information about each attraction. For the best experience, open the tours in full-screen and turn on the sound. Enjoy!


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We hope you like lakes, because Hanoi has a lot of them. Lakes are where the locals go to relax, exercise, fish, have coffee and just catch up. Hoàn Kiếm Lake just below the Old Quarter is in many ways the centre of life in Vietnam’s sophisticated capital. Nearby, the elegant Opera House and countless graceful villas and tree-shaded avenues give the capital a nostalgic charm. Not far away, tiny Trúc Bạch Lake and expansive West Lake are separated by romantic Thanh Niên St. And all over the capital, mossy pagodas are sprinkled on the lake banks and even on miniature islands in the water. You can’t leave Hanoi without visiting the stately Temple of Literature, or having a cup of egg coffee in the atmospheric streets of the Old Quarter.

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Da Nang

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The sun is rising on Da Nang. This coastal town, formerly part of Quảng Nam Province, has risen from being a quiet fishing village to one of Vietnam’s most liveable and lively cities. Every day locals gather on the beach to enjoy the warm waves, play volleyball, or simply stroll on the sand. Da Nang is known for its dramatic bridges, seven of which span the Hàn River, including the epic Dragon Bridge — one of the city’s iconic symbols. With so much fresh seafood and delicious Central Vietnamese specialities on offer, you’re sure to eat well wherever you go in Da Nang. Don’t forget to pay an early morning visit to Marble Mountains, a spiritual site where a clutch of awe-inspiring shrines blend beautifully into limestone caves and tropical vegetation.

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Ho Chi Minh City

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This sensational southern city just won’t stop. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly and often affectionately referred to as Saigon, is awash in youthful energy. Stand on the sidewalk at any of the city’s landmark roundabouts, and watch the endless flow of motorbikes and vehicles loop around and splay out in all directions. Colonial-era structures are common sights in the central districts, but there are also new buildings sprouting up like weeds, lotus buds (Bitexco Tower) and bamboo shoots (Landmark 81) everywhere you turn. Have a self-guided adventure in the little-known pagodas sprinkled throughout Chợ Lớn District, sip coffee in a trendy nook in Apartment 42, and cruise down the Saigon River at sunset to see just a few angles of this multi-faceted metropolis.

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