Vietnam’s distinct culture is one of the best reasons to visit. Of its three regions, Central Vietnam is known as a hotspot for culture seekers, with UNESCO Heritage Sites and authentic local life. Now in Hoi An, travellers can also encounter Vietnamese culture in new, interactive ways. The creators of VinWonders Nam Hoi An drew heavily from Vietnam’s rich heritage to create insightful experiences and activities for visitors. Here are five of the best.

Về Bến Cultural Show
ve20ben20cultural20show - 5 cultural activities at VinWonders Hoi An

The name ‘Về Bến’ means ‘going to the wharf’, and this outdoor cultural show recreates life in Vietnam’s seaside fishing villages using music, dance, and exciting props. The show starts off with a dramatic drumming piece, and goes on to present the lives of local fishermen through captivating choreography and storytelling.

Land of Folk Culture
craft20village - 5 cultural activities at VinWonders Hoi An

The Land of Folk Culture condenses outstanding traditions and crafts of Vietnam into one village-like setting. Wander from house to house to learn about and try unique crafts, from calligraphy to ceramics, wood-block painting to silk making. Here you can also shop for ethnic textiles and silk souvenirs, or play folk games from the Vietnamese countryside.

Vietnamese Cuisine
cuisine20in20vinwonders - 5 cultural activities at VinWonders Hoi An

Food is an essential part of the Vietnamese way of life. Take a culinary tour of Vietnam’s three regions at Cho Que Culinary Space in VinWonders Nam Hoi An. Delicious dishes that you’d normally have to travel miles to find are all on the menu here, from the soups and noodles of the North to the dumplings and rolls of the Centre, to the salads and rice dishes of the South.

Architectural Models
vinwonders20hoi20an20architecture - 5 cultural activities at VinWonders Hoi An

At VinWonders Nam Hoi An you’ll find recreated models of singular Vietnamese architecture from north to south. Wander around a Nhà Rường Huế (Hue garden house) to see the elegant style of the Nguyen Dynasty reflected in these homes. Or take a tour of ethnic minority homes, such as an Ede longhouse, or a Bahnar rong house, with its steep, soaring roof.

3D Mapping Projection
3d20mapping20show - 5 cultural activities at VinWonders Hoi An

If you love folktales and legends, be sure to catch this show at 6:30pm. VinWonders’ dramatic 3D Mapping Show retells stories from Vietnam’s 4000 years of history using moving images projected onto an enormous spiral tower. Heroic Vietnamese stories are presented with accompanying sounds and music. In the dark sky the colours and effects are mesmerizing.


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