When the night falls, the capital of Cambodia – the country of temples and pagodas is not quiet but not too noisy. In Phnom Penh, if in the daytime, folk dances make a significant number of travelers exciting; in the night, the lively rhythm of this city will bring tourists unforgettable experience with high-ranking services.

In the night, Phnom Penh – the capital of the country of temples and pagodas is not quiet but not too noisy. One of the most popular vehicles in Phnom Penh at this time is Tuk Tuk. Different from the vehicle of Thailand,  when not carrying passengers, back parts of Tuk Tuk can be disassembled so that this part will be turned into a normal motorcycle. This feature helps to increase the number of people driving Tuk Tuk, which meets the demands of the rising number of tourists in Cambodia.

Going around Phnom Penh by Tuk Tuk

During the discovery of Phnom Penh by Tuk Tuk , travelers should not miss Phsa Reatrey night market. The night market was established in a relatively large space and adjacent to the new street for foreigners. A big stage where a range of music performances are shown to visitors is laid in the centre of the market area. In front of and two sides of the stage include a series of goods departments selling almost everything from clothes, souvenirs to shoes, phones. Behind the stage is a dining area with reasonable price. Those who would like to explore Cambodia cuisine should stop to enjoy local specialties from insects of food booths along the road.

mountain pagoda cambodia e1478850368645 - Explore “night dance” in Phnom Penh

Mountain pagoda, Cambodia

Foods made from insects are often sold along the main road. The aroma of insects fills all over the streets increasing the appetite of tourists. There are a number of unique foods for tourists to choose such as cricket, giant water bug, narrow-mouthed frogs and the most special is spider. After that, you should enjoy cool night breezes while Tuk Tuk take you through famous sites such as Wat Phnom (Mountain pagoda ) or go along Sisowath to see the National Museum of Cambodia, Royal Palace, Silver pagoda in the night.

Discovering Nagaworld

nagaworld hotel phnom penh e1478850493532 - Explore “night dance” in Phnom Penh

Nagaworld hotel, Phnom Penh

Coming to Phnom Penh, you should find an opportunity to experience the night at Nagaworld, which is not only the paradise of amusement of Asian tourists but also a favorite destination of tourists from Americas and Europe. Nagaworld has a vast campus with the area of 93,000 square meters. It is located in the favorable geographical location – the intersection of the Mekong river and Tonle Sap lake, and near the Royal Palace. Furthermore, this site owns numerous beautiful views. Simultaneously, it is a luxurious and magnificent world with more than 600 rooms of two kinds including Suites and Deluxe. Nagaworld also possesses a luxury spa ranked as the most elegant in the Southeast Asia providing quite a lot forms of relaxation and special care.

In addition, it owns 16 cuisine restaurant, diverse entertainment services and the artistic-style meeting space equipped with advanced facilities. Besides, if entering Nagaworld, tourists can see the largest area for conference with the capacity of over 1,000 guests. The hotel also has a series of 5-star restaurants and bars offering local and international cuisine to tourists.

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