In the older days, in each village, the people of Laos self-produced various types of clothes. When they did not have dyes, they used kinds of vegetables and fruits to create the color for their clothes. Lao girls like to wear flowery material and dark striped fabrics that bring the natural color of the wild forest and mountain.

Lao clothing

In Laos, young people often have short hair; wear the shirts with short sleeves, a round collar, shorts and wrap a colored or square scarf around their upper part of their bodies. When going to the field for work, they often wear shorts or dyed indigo trousers. On solemn ceremonies, they wear national costumes: a round-necked shirt with buttonholes fastened on the left. The boys wear shorts and wrap a colorful large scarf. In addition, some young men wear a  colored scarf crossing the chest. For the Lao people, when taking part in traditional festivals, young people can wear old clothes but they are not allowed to wear short clothes because this expresses a lack of respect for the community. On normal days and special occasions as well, Lao men usually wear a ring; in some localities in southern Laos, they also wear a necklace. While working, Laotians often use a kerchief.

lao traditional costumes 1 - What Kind of Clothing Do Lao People Wear?

Lao traditional costumes

Some features of Laos clothes

For Lao women, at a young age, they are allowed to have their hair cut short. But above the age of ten, they usually have to twist their hairs into a bun. The bun inclined towards one side or ahead is aimed at distinguishing between unmarried and married women. At the age of 50, Lao women will cut their hair with the concept that when coming back home, it is necessary to dress simply to set an example for their descendants. Lao women have so far wore skirts. Traditionally, Lao women wear the skirts with upper hems that are neither too short nor too long. Those who do not follow this standard will be considered to be contrary to the traditional dress of Lao women. Children under the age of 10 do not need to comply with this strict regulation.

lao traditional costumes 3 - What Kind of Clothing Do Lao People Wear?

Lao Wedding Costumes

When harvesting, cutting weed and gathering, women wear dyed black or brown long sleeves. Older people wrap a striped scarf around their head. In the festival, women wear a silk dress whose skirts are decorated with some patterns. In addition, short sleeves own more elaborately decorated patterns of flowers and birds. Some girls put the shirt with bronze, silver or gold buttonhole on. Crossing the chest is a colored scarf. A bronze or silver belt clinging to the slim body of Lao girls. Besides, they love to wear jewelry such as earrings, necklaces or rings But the most common things are earrings and belts, which are given by their parents when they were young children. The above-mentioned is some interesting information about the costume of the Lao people. A trip to explore Southeast Asia will help you learn more about kinds of traditional clothes of some countries such as Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.

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