Wat Sisaket is located in Vientiane – the capital of Laos. Within the area of Wat Sisaket, there are 6840 Buddha statues at the great age and the majority of them is made of copper, precious wood and inlaid with gold. This can be considered to be a Buddhist treasure of Laos.

History of Wat Sisaket Vientiane Laos

In Laos, Buddhism is the major religion of the whole nation. As a result, the number of pagodas is up to over 1400. Many of them have the high lifespan and are important to Laos such as Heavy Buddha, PraKeo and That Luang.

Wat Sisaket is seen as the most important pagoda in Vientiane. This pagoda is located on the road leading to the Prime Minister’s Office. In 1818, the temple was built by the King Chao Anouvong, who was the last king of the Lan Xang Kingdom and had been a vassal of Siam before. The architecture of five roofs that represented the number of vassals of the Siamese Empire at that time. For this reason, the pagoda was not destroyed when the Siamese troops attacked Vientiane in the 1828s. But legend has it that when the Siamese troops arrived at the pagoda, black clouds covered the whole sky, which makes the troops panic-stricken and they were reluctant to withdraw. Nowadays, Wat Sisaket becomes the oldest temple in Vientiane. At the same time, Wat Sisaket is also where the monks lead a religious life from the past until now.

wat sisaket 1 - Wat Sisaket Vientiane Laos

Wat Sisaket

Feature of Wat Sisaket Vientiane Laos

With Wat Sisaket, there are small hollows to place Buddha statues. Outside the pagoda is arranged hundreds of large Buddha statues. This creates a sense of security for the monks at the pagoda. In addition to the treasure of up to 6840 valuable Buddha statues, the pagoda holds more than 8,000 ancient books in a library of over 400 years old. But the sutra here is mostly written by hand on palm leaves.

If traveling to Laos, you will realize that some pagodas here are under the influence of other religions. Nevertheless, the passing of time will gradually turn them into the only Lao Buddhism. Not different from other pagodas in Laos, the monks at Wat Sisaket are also beggars in the early morning and take all the food given by other people. The food may be rice, cooked rice or candy which is used to serve two main meals of the monks. In addition, this food can be donated to the elderly and children while the monks go begging.

wat sisaket 3 - Wat Sisaket Vientiane Laos

Wat Sisaket

Some of the food will be used to sacrifice souls sent back at the pagoda. In the Laotian culture, the local people offer food to the pagoda and the monks as beggars every day partly because they wish that their relatives in the afterlife would receive them.

Wat Sisaket, Vientiane, Laos is really an ideal spiritual site for those who expect to get much more knowledge of Lao religion and culture. Besides Wat Sisaket, you can visit other famous pagodas in Vientiane such as Wat Ong Teu and Wat Phra Keo.

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