Hon Thom is dubbed the ‘Maldives of the Indian Ocean’. This place remains intact, the wild characters will bring a lot of interesting and unexpected things for you to discover.

Peaceful landscape.

Referring to the famous island paradise of Phú Quốc, Kiên Giang, many people are still familiar with places such as Bai Sao or Dinh Cau or temples that have unique locations and architecture. But Hòn Thơm island has a quiet beauty and is still intact with the beauty of creation over time. Hon Thom belongs to An Thoi archipelago, located in the north of the pearl island – Phu Quoc. Located in the heart of the vast sea, Hon Thom appears with the beauty of attracting as “Maldives of the Indian Ocean”.

Hon Thom is not only famous for its poetic and beautiful scenes, but also is known for its long-standing legend. Legend has it that the main island was one of the refugees and refugees of the Nguyen lord during the time of raising the enemy after the defeat at the Tay Son uprising.

Immediately when touching the foot to Hon Thom, the image of green coconut shadows on the white sand is bending my body to embrace the blue sea, to distract the soul of the lover of beauty. The scenery of the island is so peaceful with a stretch of white sandy beach, blue sky with white clouds blending, clear seawater can see through the bottom.
In addition, there is an old forest close to the coast so you can avoid heat and relax. In particular, if you come here at dawn or sunset, you will have the opportunity to see and enjoy the most magnificent scenery of Hon Thom.

Pristine beaches.

Hon Thom Island has many unexpected pleasures during your journey. As a tourist destination without tickets, you will lose some extra expenses if you want to enjoy a full and comfortable game here. In which, the cost of traveling on the sea cable car will fluctuate in the range from $15 (children) and $25 (for adults). If you want to save on traveling costs to Hon Thom Island, you can go by canoe or boat.

However, moving by cable car, you will see the panoramic view of the green beauty of the large emerald-colored waters right below. Time for cable car travel is quite averaging 30 minutes, so take advantage of sightseeing and taking photo memories.

And definitely, sea to bathe. Arrive in Hon Thom, you should remember to visit the beautiful beaches that are famous for pearl islands such as Bai Nam, Chieu beach, Chao beach … in Hon Thom pristine beach, it is worth to play with the waves and enjoy one The view is so pure that it is rare to find.

The sea water here is cool, just ginseng face down, so even if you are a person who does not like to swim or fear water play, you cannot refuse. Especially, Hon Thom beach is ideal in the early days of March when the sun is not too harsh, the sky is clear and the sea water is extremely clear to illuminate the bottom.

And yet, Hon Thom Island has a lot of photo shooting angles that are not inferior to anywhere like a swing near the coast or floating houses and the rows of beautiful colorful chairs are arranged along the coast.

Like Hon Tay Phu Quoc island, Hon Thom island has a quite large pearl farming area. Here, you can learn about the production process and make pearls and admire the unique pearls. Sophisticated sparkling pearls under the sharpening of skilled craftsmen are really fascinating and enchanting. This will also be a gift that women always want to receive.

Attractive cuisine.

If you want to spend a whole day playing here you can linger longer with the experience of night fishing with fishermen on the night or dawn. Normally, the night fishing trips with fishermen will follow the tour and you can contact the ship owner or tour guide in advance to get a group.

Experience of Robinson’s life on an uninhabited island. It is a wonderful time to explore the big and small islands is also a suggestion to bring a lot of emotions to you. And it is also very interesting if you discover the simple, rustic life of the islanders. If there are opportunities, tourists should take advantage of the fishermen in guiding how to catch sea urchin. The sea urchin meat is compacted after being prepared to bake on the fire for an extremely attractive dish, making you fascinated not to forget.

When exploring the fun and games at Hon Thom Island, you should select the games you really want to try and feel fit. If not, it will cost a small amount. In which the fun games on the island include paragliding for about $40 a person or a motorbike is priced at $25 per hour.

In addition, there is also the experience of canoeing and skateboarding with a strong sense of feeling. Besides, in Hon Thom Island, there is abundant vegetation with colorful and extremely eye-catching coral reefs. It will definitely make you feel like having a chance to snorkel to get close to them.

Cuisine in Hon Thom is not cheap by eating seafood in Ham Ninh fishing village, Phu Quoc or some other places but you do not have to be too worried about eating expenses. There is a small suggestion for you to travel here is to call a special 3-domain buffet with an average price of only $10 per person.

Some other seafood dishes are loved by many people like: Herring salad, barramundi salad or crab, shrimp or sometimes can be exchanged with rotten frogs is also great.

Hon Thom and Phu Quoc deserve to be the golden place of the pearl island of Vietnam, promising to bring many memorable experiences to the “gods”.

Simply life in Hon Thom island.

An Thoi archipelago is under the management of Hon Thom commune of Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province, Vietnam. Hon Thom commune has an area of 5.71 km², the population in 2003 was 2076 people and the population density was 364 people / km².

The most appropriate time to travel Hon Thom and Phu Quoc Island are generally from October to March of the following year (ie in the dry season), at this time, the waves are gentle and water color changes from time to time during the day. The best time here is at dawn or sunset.